Accelerating economic growth through sale of the resulting farm produce.

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Our Vision:  Our vision at Structures & Makazi LTD is to be one of the leading Real/agricultural estate farm/organization across the entire agricultural chain thereby facilitating the positioning of Nigeria on the world map in terms of housing and agriculture.

Our Mission:

  • Promote and develop the Agricultural industrialization of Nigeria at large, through provision of necessary infrastructure, equipment and technical facilities in order to expedite agricultural productivity thus accelerating economic growth.
  • Contribute to the provision of affordable housing.
Our Core Values

Our Objectives

  1. Providing facilities that will facilitate maximal agricultural production with particular focus on increasing the number of crop production cycles per annum.
  2. Providing access to state-of- the art primary production services.
  3. Assisting in the research sphere and employing latest techniques to increase agricultural productivity.

The above are geared toward better plants/produce yield

  • Food security
  • Import substitution
  • Job creation
  • Economic diversification

What we do

  • Purchase large hectares of land and also partner with farmers across Nigeria as regards their land.
  • Cultivate these lands by employing full scale mechanization through our partnership with reputable mechanization firm.
  • Subsequently sale the produce and generate profit.


Gathering/Sales: We employ our network of gathering centers directly linked to farming communities to gather our farm produce, thereby expediting access to buyers and processors across the entire produce value chain.

  • Harvest gathering
  • Produce sale
  • Provision of technical services to other farms/farmers

Technology/data: Our farming operations are solely mechanized thereby reducing labor cost and improving yield. We also employ pricing decision making tools, market analysis tools and yield projection & optimization.

About us:

Structures and Makazi LTD is a leading real estate company in Nigeria. Its focus is on provision of affordable housing as well as boosting the Nigeria’s agricultural sector. Our agro-project is a subsidiary project of Structures and Makazi LTD and it’s a realization of the agricultural real estate goal of Structures and Makazi LTD.

Agricultural real estate as it implies is a term which focuses on real estate designed to undertake agricultural activities and subsequently generate profit through the sale of farm produce.

We are in collaboration with reputable agricultural mechanization entities, we aim at provision of infrastructure – through our partnership with reputable agricultural mechanization entities – whose services we employ for full time mechanization of our farm operations. In addition, they also make available, facilities to boost agricultural productivity. All these are geared toward accelerating economic growth through sale of the resulting farm produce.

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